Most important practical information

How long does it take?

The whole process, from submitting a non-binding application to the first day of work, can take up to 3 months. It all depends on how quickly your security clearance is processed, which is crucial. It is, therefore, necessary to complete the application early

How much and how you get paid

The exact wage is calculated according to the hours worked, the collective agreements currently in force, the age of the employee, and whether the hours were worked in bonus periods. A typical taxed wage averages €450-€550 per week, or around €2,000 per month.

Your wage is sent to your account every Thursday with one week pending. The basic hourly wages for 2023 are available here.

The pay slip that is delivered to the employee on the employer's portal it looks like this.

The placement agreement we sign before you leave guarantees the conclusion and terms of your employment contract. You can study it by logging into our portal. The employment contract is subsequently concluded upon arrival and collection of the BSN registration number from the municipal office in the Netherlands (without the BSN number, it would not be valid).


The correct procedure for insurance is to opt out of your local health insurance system and join the Dutch system. Insurance prices in the Netherlands are similar to your local ones, i.e. approximately €100/month.

Accommodation in the Netherlands

The place of work for our Dutch programme is the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Although Amsterdam is located within a 15-minute train ride east of the airport, most of our accommodation is located in towns located west of the airport (Nieuwe Vennep, Rijsenhout, Aalsmeer, Leiden...). The reason is the price of housing, which is high in the whole Netherlands and the highest in Amsterdam.

We aim to keep your initial accommodation costs to a minimum. Accommodation is provided through SNF certified Mployment Housing or certified accommodation is provided directly by the employer. The layout of the housing is mostly apartments with bedrooms for 2-4 people with bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and Internet connection.

Accommodation price

Your accommodation will cost you about one-fifth of your weekly wage. The big advantage is that you do not have to pay big amounts for rent upfront, but only from the money you earn.

Accommodation price examples:

  • Mployment - Long-term program - €100 / week
  • Mployment - Short-term program - €110 / week
  • Correndon Hotel - (close proximity to the airport, higher standard, zero transport costs) - €160 / week
  • Marina Volendam Park - accommodation in houses - price €134.29 / week

In the long-term programme, it is, of course, possible to join your co-workers and secure your own accommodation over time (usually you need to prove sufficient income and make a deposit of two to three rents, which are around €1,500 - €2,000). This option is, therefore, more financially demanding.

Additional costs

Other costs of living in the Netherlands are basically no different from those in your country. The primary costs include food, toiletries, and any transport costs (but these are partially or fully covered by the employer; it is also possible to cycle to work from some locations free of charge).

My perspective for the future

A temporary job abroad can easily turn into a longer-term job or even a new phase in your life. It is all about your goal, motivation, and discipline to achieve it. Decide for yourself if you wish a shorter experience and a decent pocket money or if working in the Netherlands is your stepping stone to bigger plans.

COVID 19 and work programmes

The Coronavirus pandemic has not disrupted the smooth running of our work programmes. Travelling for work has always been possible and the employers in the Netherlands have always been able to provide enough jobs and hours. The situation is currently stable and we expect a standard 2023 season.

However, we respect the complications caused by anti-Covid measures and situations that arise that require your time flexibility. This may include unclear dates for high-school exams, university exams, etc. With us you can count on our maximum friendliness and understanding. For example, if you need to take a week off from work, it is not a problem

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