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We are an international agency with eight years of experience in securing work abroad. We once came to the Netherlands ourselves for a part-time job and thanks to that, we now have the opportunity to offer you a similar experience.

We specialise in positions within the Netherlands' main international airport, Amsterdam Shiphol. Our mission is to provide you with an interesting job or part-time work with the best conditions. You are our client, just like the employer who gives us work for you. We know that your satisfaction matters and is always our priority.

We work with several clients within the airport, allowing us flexibility in employment options for you. If one position or employer does not suit you, we have other options for you.

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is the main international airport of the Netherlands. It is located 9 kilometres away from the centre of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by train or bus. It is the third busiest airport in Europe, handling more than 70,000,000 passengers a year. The domestic airline is KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines.

Schiphol is a technically advanced and modern airport with a pleasant, innovative and safe working environment. Nearly 68,000 employees work there, and this number increases rapidly every summer season (June to September). To work at Schiphol Airport, you need a Schiphol passport, which you can obtain by completing a security check. We can help you with that, just register and leave the rest to us.

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