And what are the whole process steps?

It is really simple. Our programmes are designed to make the process of getting a job abroad as easy as possible. We have broken the process down into a few clear items for you.

How to complete the application?


Complete the registration form for your selected programme.

To register

Our team will contact you to discuss the next steps.


You will complete and send us an application for your security clearance required to work at the airport.


We will sign a Job and Accommodation Placement Agreement together, giving you job and housing security abroad.

Before you start working


The security clearance is processed within three months of application and we can set an exact departure and arrival date in the Netherlands.


Upon arrival in the Netherlands, you check in and collect your BSN registration number on the next day.


We will sign Employment Agreements at the employer's office.


The next two days are dedicated to your training and picking up the Shiphol Passport (work pass).

After your first work day


You will start working. Shifts are flexible, as is air transport. You will always receive a specific schedule in time via email and text message.


The first week's wage will arrive in your account in two weeks. After that, your wage comes every Thursday.


Then you just enjoy getting to know the Netherlands and climb the career ladder

You may start in three months. So what are you still waiting for?