Do you wish to earn over €12,000 💰 in six months and get to know the Netherlands?

Come and work with us at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

6.7 mil.

euros paid to participants in our programme (2021)


Official employers


Work agreements concluded


Years of work mediation

Why work with us?


Earnings from €2,500 per month


Life and work experiences


8 years of experiences with working in the Netherlands


Guaranteed start within 3 months


Certified accommodation


There are not agency fees

Our programme in a nutshell

What is it like to come with us and be part of one of the programmes? Check out the video that answers that very question.

Still hesitating to travel? 🤙

Knedla M.

I have been looking for work abroad for a long time, but after my sister went to England on her own and found no work, I feared the same experience. After my Internet search, I came across an agency that would take care of everyth

Chovancova N.

How to describe summer in Amsterdam? Simple! Unforgettable two months spent with people you see every day. As we were already accommodated, of course, we had to go and arrange our things. For the first three days, we were dealing

Skalka V.

I had been thinking for a long time about what kind of part-time job to find, I wished to go abroad to get to know a new country, improve my foreign language skills and, of course, earn some money. My friend and I found the Summer

Špička F.

At the beginning of summer 2018, I went to Amsterdam with two of my classmates to work. What was my goal? To earn money, get to know a new country, experience what it is like to work abroad, and become independent. We were accommo

Globinovsky J.

Unforgettable summer? Definitely! I have to say that I will remember this summer for a long time. It was my first job, and it was even my first job abroad. And so I can say that I liked it. How did this adventure actually start? J

Kovařík M.

In the summer of 2017, I participated in the Summer in Amsterdam programme with my girlfriend, where we spent the whole summer. We stayed at a camp with cabins for 8. At the beginning, it seemed unimaginable to live with complete