Part-time job Amsterdam 💼

A summer work programme that allows you to get to know the Netherlands over ten to twelve weeks and earn some really interesting money through a part-time job. We offer numerous positions to choose from. Most positions relate to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and are suitable for both men and women. If you love the work environment and the work itself, you can come back for longer after school!

To find work in the Netherlands

What can you expect? ✍️

  • Interesting work at an airport where you will be part of the daily operations of Europe's third largest airport
  • The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is also ultra-modern and you will be able to gradually discover all its gadgets and operate interesting machines
  • Regular weekly wage (earnings from €2,000/month depending on hours worked)
  • Dutch labour law benefits and collective agreement system (up to 200% for holidays, 130-150% for weekends, 125% for nights, + 8% “holiday money” of the total amount earned after the end of the job)
  • Guaranteed start within three months since your application date
  • Provided certified shared accommodation (but you can also arrange your own accommodation)
  • Coordinator and team of colleagues from your country
  • Transport or adequate compensation for transport to the Netherlands
  • Job placement contract and accommodation in your country before departure to NL
  • No agency mediation fees

What we expect from you? 🤙️

  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Driver’s licence is a great advantage
  • Time flexibility, responsibility
  • Independence
  • Desire to work and gain new experiences

Easy, right?

Sounds great, doesn't it? What will be your first steps?

First, complete the non-binding application form here on the website and then we will give you all the necessary instructions. You will need to apply for an airport security clearance and once this is completed you can move to the Netherlands, where you sign your contract immediately after settling in, followed by collecting your work permit and two days of training.

You may start in three months. So what are you still waiting for?

Interested in an early start? You can choose one of our positions outside Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where you can start almost immediately, and after three months you can start at Amsterdam Schiphol! Just write us a note saying you would like to start early.