Job positions at the Schiphol Airport 🛩

Our agency specializes in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It takes about 3 months to get a security clearance to work at the airport. So if you wish to start early, we have arranged positions outside the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for you as well.

Positions at Schiphol Airport

HANDLING - Baggage handling

Your job will be to handle the luggage and be responsible for making sure it gets to the right plane or vice versa to its owners. You will move your luggage from the conveyor belt, which will take it from the check-in hall to the trolley, which will then transport luggage to specific aircraft. There, you load it into the luggage compartment. The whole process also needs to be reversed when the goal is to unload the luggage from the aircraft that has landed and bring it to the passengers. As your experience grows, you will also be able to use different machines and equipment that transport luggage to the aircraft or automate its loading. Handling positions are offered by dNata, Aviapartner, Swissport, and KLM.

CARGO - Cargo handling

The principle of cargo work is similar to that of baggage handling, but in this case, cargo to or from the Netherlands is handled. It is usually delivered on larger pallets and then has to be redistributed and prepared for further transport. Once again, as you gain experience, you will be able to operate machines that automate the entire process. dNata and Swissport Cargo are the companies that handle the biggest number of flights at the airport.

CLEANING - preparing the cabin for the next flight

The task of the cleaning team members is to quickly clean and prepare the aircraft cabin for the next flight. In this position, we particularly value speed of work, as even a small delay means a big financial loss in the air transport industry. Training for this position is usually the easiest and quickest. You will be working for the Asito or Kluh companies.

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